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Let Cargo Jet Logistics navigate the complexities of freight shipping for you. Our services are designed to make your life easier. With 24/7 customer service to answer any questions and GPS tracking, you will never have to wonder where your goods are.

We provide hourly updates – so you will always stay informed. Once our shipment arrives at its destination, our drivers will provide a hard-copy  POD as proof. So put your trust in us and never worry about your freight’s location again!

EDI Capabilities

If your company is involved in complex logistics operations, you’ll benefit from EDI by streamlining communication processes and reducing paperwork. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities are essential in the logistics industry, allowing information to be exchanged between two organizations securely.

EDI allows us to keep track of shipment status updates, inventory levels, and more. In addition to increasing efficiency, sending sensitive data via EDI also helps secure private information. As technology evolves, so does the need for EDI capabilities in the logistics sector – making communication easier and keeping businesses moving forward.

At Cargo Jet Logistics, we strive to provide the best possible EDI services. You can trust us to handle even your most complex transportation needs. By leveraging our experience and innovative technology, we ensure maximum efficiency while delivering all products on time, every time. Our focus is ensuring you get what you need with as few speed bumps as possible!

EDI Capabilities
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Dispatch and Tracking Customer Support

Cargo Jet Logistics has always been committed to providing superior service with the utmost integrity. Our team is renowned for its 24/7, world-class customer support, dispatch, and tracking services.

We are dedicated to providing you access to the highest quality of logistical services in an ever-changing industry. We know that our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, so we aim to deliver the best possible 24/7 logistical support. This way, you can stay confident, knowing all your logistical needs are met.

Live Hourly
Emailed Updates

Live hourly email updates have become widely popular in the logistics industry, increasing accuracy and efficiency within the field. Every email has an up-to-date timeline that helps users plan by providing real-time data such as carrier tracking or delays. In addition, they allow users to easily monitor their shipments from anywhere in the world – making it easier than ever before to expand operations into international markets without much hassle.

At Cargo Jet Logistics, we aim to revolutionize the tracking of logistics information by providing the best possible live hourly email updates. We want you to be able to keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ of your shipments, be informed of any unexpected delays or incidents, and take appropriate action when needed.

Dedicated Transport for Produce and Meat Products

GPS Tracking On
All Orders

cross dock and transload service

Cargo Jet Logistics constantly strives to ensure you get the best possible GPS tracking on all orders. We are always innovating and investing in technology, looking for ways to provide accurate tracking on every single shipment, no matter where it goes.

We understand that a customer’s peace of mind comes from knowing exactly where their order is at any given moment. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible service and dependability. You will always receive accurate tracking information from us!

Hard Copy POD
Upon Delivery

Hard copy POD is an important concept in logistics. It is used to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of goods and services. We will provide you with Proof of Delivery (POD) every time. We have accurate scanning technology that can keep track of your package from shipment to final delivery.

So you’ll never worry about not knowing the status of your cargo. With the POD system, you can always be one hundred percent sure your goods have arrived safely and efficiently!

Hard Copy POD Upon Delivery

Same Day Invoicing

Same Day Invoicing

For streamlined logistics, Cargo Jet Logistics is the perfect solution. We guarantee same-day invoicing to ensure a seamless experience. Our efficient process begins when you book with us and continues until we have delivered your shipment safely and securely to you.

We use the latest technology and top-notch tracking systems on all our trips. So our commitment to uninterrupted service and same-day invoicing is unwavering. This guarantees that we can monitor your cargo’s progress effectively. In short, we provide the perfect combination of convenience and reliability for all your transportation needs.


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Cargo Jet Logistics understands the importance of dispatch and tracking when it comes to keeping our clients happy. We have developed strategies to manage these processes so that even the most intricate shipments will leave you satisfied with the results.

As a company, we always seek ways to improve and increase efficiency. Nothing matters more to us than your success!

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