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Ensure your products remain in peak condition with our temperature-controlled logistics services. From pharmaceuticals to fresh produce and meat, our sprinter, straight truck, and 53-footers are ready for the job! In addition, our vehicles are GDP-compliant, making them ideal for your needs. Moreover, we offer secure warehouses where you can store items for short and long periods without worrying about damage due to poor conditions.

Reefer Capacity for a Sprinter, Straight Truck, 53-footer

One of the main benefits of a sprinter, straight truck, or 53-footer is its large reefer capacity. As a result, each vehicle has ample space for your specific refrigerated goods while offering optimal fuel efficiency and performance.

Using an oversized container allows you to enjoy lower-cost rentals without compromising your product’s safety during transport. Moreover, these vehicles provide excellent protection against weather-related issues, and given their overall size, they are far easier to maneuver than other large units.

If you are looking for a reliable cold chain logistics provider, trust Cargo Jet Logistics! We will provide the most efficient transport of your items regardless of shipment size. All you have to do is reach out to us!

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Dedicated and GDP-compliant Transport for Pharmaceutical Products

Specialized, dedicated, and GDP-compliant transport for pharmaceutical products is essential for ensuring medical products’ safe and secure delivery. In addition, this method provides possession of a complete chain of custody to prove the product came from a controlled environment, has not been tampered with, is kept at ideal temperature and humidity levels, and other important criteria.

Furthermore, this also assures protection against counterfeiting or duplication, which could significantly affect patient safety and well-being. Delivering these medicines always requires adherence to Good Distribution Practices (GDPs), so they arrive in the same condition they were sent out. Therefore, dedicated transport is the most critical element guaranteeing full compliance with this necessary regulation.

Cargo Jet Logistics understands the importance of quickly and safely transporting pharmaceutical products. With our temperature-controlled vehicles and attentive drivers, you can rest assured that your pharmaceutical goods will arrive in ideal condition.

Dedicated Transport
for Produce and Meat Products

Dedicated transport for produce and meat products is valuable for many businesses specializing in food supplies. This form of specialized transportation is designed to provide customers with the highest quality ingredients possible. In addition, this type of transportation enables us to deliver food safely and quickly.

Dedicated transport is typically done on refrigerated trucks or vans, guaranteeing that produce and meat products are kept at their optimal temperature during transit. This way, they will remain fresh until the customer receives them.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best and most convenient dedicated transport services. Our reliable shipping solutions allow businesses to reduce costs, maximize time savings, and minimize the risk of transporting these types of goods.

Dedicated Transport for Produce and Meat Products

Long and Short-term Capacity

Warehousing Long and Short term Capacity

The main concept of warehousing is the storage of goods, which helps companies manage their assets and inventory. Warehouses come in two forms: long-term capacity and short-term capacity. Long-term capacity refers to warehouses that store a company’s goods or products for an extended period, such as months or years.

Short-term capacity, on the other hand, pertains to warehouses used for temporary storage only, usually for days or weeks. Both types of warehouses can be beneficial in utilizing resources more efficiently and cost-effectively.

When you need us to find a secure long-term or short-term solution for warehousing your goods, Cargo Jet Logistics has an array of options designed to fit any budget or capacity requirement. Our warehouse has the necessary tools and personnel to ensure your goods remain safe and properly stored. We’ve got you covered!

Drayage Loads for Multiple Ports/rails

It is possible to develop comprehensive multimodal logistics solutions that cover the entire supply chain by leveraging multiple ports and rails. With an organized system for transporting goods, operations run much more smoothly and effectively. This is especially true when working with international alliances or domestic projects requiring significant coordination between multiple parties.

With Cargo Jet Logistics, you can rest assured that we will meet all your import/export drayage needs. Our comprehensive understanding of logistics allows us to provide a reliable and cost-effective shipping service for multiple ports and rails. We will work with you to exceed your expectations every step of the way!

Import export Drayage Loads for Multiple Ports rails


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