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We have an expansive and reliable network of 236 drayage partners across the United States, ensuring worry-free delivery of your packages. From coast to coast and border to border, you can rely on us to get your cargo where it needs to go!

You can also rely on us when urgent shipments arise. We offer cross-docking and transloading services to expedite your shipping and guarantee speedy delivery.

Team and Solo Full Truck Load Services

If you require a complete full truckload shipping service, the Cargo Jet team can assist.
Our full truckload service enables businesses to have their goods shipped from one location to another with ease. We can assist whether you require solo truckload services for smaller loads and flexibility or team truckload services for larger, time-sensitive loads!

Be it a dry van, reefer, or flatbed shipping, you can count on us for complete truckload shipping. Our experienced team has on-demand access to a vast freight network and will work closely with you to meet and manage your shipment. Our hands-on approach ensures the secure and timely delivery.

Team and Solo Full Truck Load Services
ltl shipping solution

LTL Shipping Solutions

We understand that LTL shipping solutions are essential for your business’s supply chain management. Often, there is a need to transport goods that are too small to justify an entire truckload shipment, which poses a unique challenge. That’s where our LTL shipping solutions come in. It allows companies to combine multiple small packages on the same truck, reducing overall costs and improving logistical efficiency.

Our solutions also feature tracking technology, so our clients have visibility on their shipments and have access to up-to-the-minute arrival time estimates. As a result, LTL shipping is becoming more popular as it allows businesses to keep costs down without sacrificing service or supply chain transparency.

Cargo Jet Logistics is revolutionizing the logistics industry by offering unbeatable LTL shipping solutions to simplify your life. Our team of experts provides personalized service at an excellent price for every shipment, allowing you to manage your budget conveniently. On-time delivery is also a guarantee as our company keeps track of shipments in real-time – that sounds like even greater savings to us!

Last Mile
Shipping Solutions

It’s common knowledge that last-mile shipping can make or break any freight broker’s reputation, and everybody at Cargo Jet Logistics understands that. In our case, it definitely makes our reputation stronger.
Last-mile shipping solutions are essential to the logistics industry, providing customers with a fast and reliable means of receiving products. These solutions offer package forwarding, same-day delivery, express shipping, and courier services to ensure that goods are delivered quickly and efficiently to their destination. They can also help simplify the supply chain processes while increasing operational efficiency.

Our team has their fingers at all times, ensuring that delivery timeframes are met and any obstacles encountered are overcome speedily. Trust us to get your goods to their destination today!

Last Mile Shipping Solutions

Straight Truck & Sprinter Van Expedites

Straight Truck & Sprinter Van Expedites

Our straight truck & sprinter van expedites services refer to our special cargo vehicles designed to handle hard-to-ship items that need expedited delivery. Special attention is paid to loading and unloading, and the cargo is monitored along its entire journey. This type of transportation uses smaller, specialized vehicles that can maneuver around busy urban centers, making it an excellent choice for time-sensitive deliveries.

We are committed to utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to help guarantee that all goods arrive safely and quickly at their intended destination. Whether you have immediate needs or long-term plans, we can solve all your logistics requirements.

Transborder Moves To Canada & Mexico

Cargo Jet Logistics provides reliable and cost-effective logistics services that enable goods to be transported across the borders of Canada and Mexico. We understand how complex and ever-changing the transportation industry can be, and we are dedicated to helping you maneuver through challenges related to your international cargo moves.

Our cutting-edge solutions allow goods to safely move from one country’s borders to another without delays or damages. We strive to provide better connectivity between both countries, allowing for broader trading opportunities and increased global commerce. Ultimately, we’re here to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire shipping process.

Transborder Moves To Canada & Mexico

Reefer & Hazmat

Reefer & Hazmat Capacity

The ever-increasing demands of the logistics industry have highlighted the need for reefer and hazmat services. They can provide a much-needed safety net for businesses that ship perishable and hazardous goods. The added capacity of reefer and hazmat carriers also allows for greater flexibility and faster response times to critical situations.

Cargo Jet Logistics has you covered whether you need to transport something fragile, hazardous, or of a certain temperature. Our reliable reefer and hazmat capacity offers dependable delivery and fast turnarounds, so you don’t need to worry about your cargo arriving late or damaged.
We will ensure that your delivery, whatever it might be, arrives at its destination safely and in top condition.

Flatbed, Over Dimensional & Overweight Heavy Haul Services

When it comes to our heavy haul services, our clients are spoilt for choice as we offer flatbed, over-dimensional, and overweight heavy haul services. Each service has its own benefits for your business.

Heavy haul services are an invaluable resource in the logistics world, allowing large and unusually shaped items to be moved from one place to another securely. Flatbeds are large trailers with no sides or roofs, capable of carrying weighty loads that might not fit on traditional transport carriers. Over-dimensional shipments refer to those which exceed standard sizing for a truck or trailer, often necessitating wider-than-normal permits due to their size.

At Cargo Jet Logistics, we understand that when you need to transport something heavy or oversized, you need reliable, secure solutions to get the job done. That’s why we offer services tailored to fit your specific needs. Our experienced professionals will review your cargo’s requirements and select the right type of trailer for safe travel. Don’t worry – we will ensure every shipment is treated with the utmost care.

Flatbed, Over Dimensional & Overweight Heavy Haul Services

White Glove and Tradeshow Deliveries

White Glove and Tradeshow Deliveries

Do your goods require expert handling? Then our white glove or tradeshow deliveries might be your answer.

White glove deliveries involve transporting larger, more delicate items requiring specialized handling. For example, medical equipment or customized orders could require special storage. As its name implies, white glove service also often entails uniforms for delivery staff and light cleaning throughout the process.

Tradeshow deliveries involve moving materials from one event to another with a personalized, caring touch. For example, large display cases may need to be removed from the base components and relocated carefully. Packing and unpacking the items while ensuring their safety requires experience and an eye for detail.

Cargo Jet Logistics offers the ultimate in convenience and quality when it comes to white glove and tradeshow deliveries. We are known for fast, accurate, and reliable services, with package tracking available to customers throughout the entire process.

Efficient Drayage Services: 236 Partner Terminals

Our drayage shipping usually involves transporting goods over short distances – typically within the same city, port, or terminal. Drayage is not limited to just containers, though. It includes loading and unloading cargo, hauling trailers between locations, and providing intra-urban delivery services. As a result, it’s an efficient way to move goods while minimizing costs associated with coordinating complex trips.

With our 24/7 drayage shipping services, you’ll never have to worry about delayed shipments, even during port backup or unforeseen issues. Cargo Jet Logistics has an impressive roster of 236 partner terminals, making transportation and cargo delivery easier, faster, and more cost-efficient than ever.

Efficient Drayage Services: 236 Partner Terminals

Short & Long Term Warehousing Solutions

Short & Long Term Warehousing Solutions

We understand that your storage requirements are fluid and that flexibility is key to your business.

Warehousing is a critical part of logistics, allowing businesses to manage their inventory more efficiently. Warehousing services are designed to provide short and long-term storage solutions for any product or raw materials. By utilizing warehousing, products can be stored safely and securely until they reach the required destination.

Cargo Jet Logistics offers a wide range of warehousing options in our facilities that are growing in number every day. So whether you need a shared space in a facility or your own storage facility, we have something to suit everyone’s needs.

Cross-Dock and Transload Services

Our cross-dock and transload services are two vital operations in the logistics industry. Cross docking involves transporting goods from one particular shipment to another without any storage time or inventory being tracked in between. On the other hand, transload shipping refers to the storage, repackaging, and consolidation of multiple shipments into one load for further delivery.

With us as your trusted logistics partner, reliable and timely cross-dock and transload services are guaranteed. So put your trust in our expert team, and reach out to see how we can help you!

Cross-Dock and Transload Services


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